A Piece of Plumbing History in Portland

2012, June 14th

One of the projects Mac-Bo has been working on recently is the renovation of a 1907 built home in Portland. Part of our work is to restore one of the bathrooms to period condition and towards that end we will be reinstalling what is known as a rib cage shower or needle shower.

The rib cage shower was developed in a time when showers were virtually unheard of except in the most exquisite homes and cost around $500 in the late 1800’s.

The showers considered to have the most therapeutic value were the ones that had multiple sprays that would apply jets of water to specific parts of the body. These showers were called rib cage or “needle” showers, since the fine jets of spray would strike the kidney, ribcage, liver or spine like fine needles. 

It is exciting to be restoring a little bit of plumbing history in this antique home. Stay tuned for blog posts on our progress.

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