Multnomah Village Ranch Remodel
SW Portland

Multnomah Village Ranch Remodel - Before


Multnomah Village Ranch Remodel - After


About this Mac-Bo Kitchen Remodel Project

The homeowners of this Multnomah Village, SW Portland mid-century needed a less cramped kitchen with improved layout, storage and lighting. There was a bottleneck between the peninsula and refrigerator, and the door at the end of the kitchen led to the garage.

Mac-Bo Homes & Remodels added an opening to the living room and removed the peninsula, alleviating the bottleneck and allowing for a generous run of lower cabinets with plenty of counter space. The new kitchen features a raised breakfast bar, hardwood floors, new windows and a wood full light entry door. 

Custom details include cabinets, quartz countertops, an undermount cast iron sink, under-cabinet lighting and plug moulding, and a handsome tile backsplash.

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