Frequently Asked Questions

What’s involved in “bidding a Mac-Bo remodel job”? Does it cost anything?

We don’t charge for our initial call or fact-finding mission. At our first meeting we want to know what you would like to do in your home renovation and how Mac-Bo Homes & Remodels can help you to achieve your goal. To do this we have a number of tools we can use. We have a tremendous history of past remodel projects to draw on. We also know that our homeowners have budgets and need for us to maintain our work within these constraints. Our Pre-Construction Services will take you from an idea to permitted plans in a very short time.

Is Mac-Bo a design-and-build company?

Yes. Mac-Bo Homes & Remodels has in-house design, but also may contract to a designer on our preferred Qualified Supplier list, depending on the fit for a given project. If you are planning a remodel we are happy to bring our designer to your home so we can meet and talk about the changes you’d like to make. We can even pencil ideas while we’re there and start the process right away!

Does Mac-Bo practice sustainable building?

Yes, Mac-Bo strongly feels that the most sustainable practice is to build things that last.

Will I have to move during my remodel?

If you’re only remodeling a kitchen or bathroom (and you have another bathroom), no, but with a whole house remodel, it’s more cost effective to make alternative living arrangements. If you can be comfortable with living arrangements in a different part of the house you will probably be just fine living through the work. There will be some noise and dust but we will work overtime to make sure that it is contained and mitigated.

Do you have a Mac-Bo showroom?

Mac-Bo does not have a showroom per se. But having been in the business as long as we have, we have some terrific relationships in the Portland, Oregon area, and work with vendors of all types and styles. We like to take our clients on tours of various local showrooms to view and pick out everything from used architectural accents to high end appliances. By knowing many of the suppliers we can save you time by going directly to the place that has what you want.

How long will it take Mac-Bo to build my “dream kitchen”?

Much depends on the scale of the work. We are constantly finding new ways to get it done faster. We have worked with our suppliers and subcontractors to shave weeks off of typical schedules. So, if we are pulling the old and replacing with new the job could be complete in a matter of weeks. A “studs out” kitchen takes about two months. A remodeling project which impacts other areas of your home may take longer.

Who are Mac-Bo’s remodeling subcontractors? Are they reliable?

To work for Mac-Bo Homes & Remodels a subcontractor must become one of our Qualified Suppliers. These suppliers work as a team with expected results. We have qualified them on different levels to ensure the final outcome. Of course, all of our subcontractors are licensed, insured and bonded.

What is Mac-Bo’s “change order” process?

The Mac-Bo philosophy on “change orders” is respectful of clients needing a certain amount of fluidity and flexibility in their remodeling journey. No change order work will be done without client’s approval. In other words – no surprises!

What about the mess when remodeling?

All of us here at Mac-Bo have endured our own remodels. Keeping the job site neat and orderly is for the sake of the homeowner and for the safety of the workers. We follow a protocol that minimizes the impact on your homespace; we monitor the conditions on a daily basis.

Have a question we didn’t answer?

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