Portland Ranch Home Remodel

Keeping Portland Remodeled

Mac-Bo, LLC provides design and build services for any kind of home in Portland but we’ve got a particular affinity for the ranch homes of the 1950s-60s. Mid-century Portland saw a wave of new construction to bring the early-century homes to the halfway mark, and now the signature ranch home can be found in areas all over the city.

Characteristic of these homes are the single stories, picture windows, fireplaces, floors of hardwood, plentiful storage and spacious layouts. They were built to be practical and pleasant.

The principles behind the design of these homes are ones that commonly align with homes of today. The simple, elegant architecture comes with plenty of room for remodels that easily harmonize the original design with 21st-century living.

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Intelligent Design For An Economical Build

No matter the style of home, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring thoughtful building plans to homes with a budget.

This is made possible through smart planning upfront and decades of experience. With sixty combined years of experience building homes in Portland, we’ve learned how to do remodeling in a way that allows us to bring maximum change with maximum efficiency.

Through proper planning, we can bring precise, sensible changes to your home that make a world of difference. Our philosophy is one that values the original character of a house, while also understanding the importance of the functionality and efficiency of the modern home.

We also welcome the challenge of designing within limitations instead of always expecting to be able to work from a clean slate.

Portland Home Remodel

Character-Focused Builds On A Budget

If you’ve got budgetary or stylistic requirements for your remodel, we’ll work with you to come up with a realistic plan that meets those limitations and gets you as close as possible to the finished product you envision.

The Mac-Bo team has been recognized by the Oregon Remodelers Association and National Association of the Remodeling Industry for bringing full-home builds and remodels that met high standards of quality while keeping to a strict budget.

We think in an industry where it’s all too common for contractors to go too far, our Portland clients appreciate being able to hold us to our initial quote.