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One-Of-A-Kind Remodels For Vancouver WA

Mac-Bo, LLC has been providing expert design and build services to the Vancouver, Washington area since 2004. Whether it’s an early cottage or a mid-century ranch, our team can form a plan based on your requirements that brings your home to life.

From design and planning to building and clean-up, Mac-Bo can handle of your home’s entire remodel. We pride ourselves on an ability to combine creativity with strategy and complete any project on time, and on budget.

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Thoughtful Design For Sensible Builds

Mac-Bo has a special affinity for the mid-century ranch, built between 1945-1965. Characteristic of these homes are the single stories, two-car garages, driveway-to-door sidewalks, and open layouts. They were built with family living in mind. The reason we love these homes is because of their sound construction that lends itself to sensible upgrades that easily carry over to more modern themes. A kitchen or a bathroom of the 1960s easily takes on designs of today.

We don’t discriminate any home we build but of particular focus is the standard ranch home from the 1950s-1960s. A wave of these homes came about after the war and can be found throughout the Vancouver area. Too recent to replace with brand-new construction and far too practical, the mid-century ranch home provides the perfect platform for post-century updates the breath new life into a home.

Focusing on a specific style of home is just one example of the customized building solutions we provide. Our thoughtful processes and principles are guided by bringing design to your home that works with your needs, and your upside.

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Low Budgets Don’t Have To Mean Low Quality

We want every build we do to bring the most for your dollars spent. We work closely with every homeowner to identify changes that produce the most, cost the least, and tie the original character of the home to the years of future enjoyment ahead.

The Mac-Bo team has been recognized by the Oregon Remodelers Association and National Association of the Remodeling Industry for bringing full-home builds and remodels that met high standards of quality and budgetary challenge. We think in an industry where it’s all too common for contractors to go over budget, our Vancouver clients appreciate being able to hold us to our initial quote.

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